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Breach is a 2D, Side-Scrolling Survival Horror game with an emphasis on story and stealth mechanics. This game is inspired heavily by classic games such as "Resident Evil" and "Silent Hill".

You take control of an explorer who hears rumours of the existence of an abandoned research facility owned by "Skye Chemicals" before they mysteriously shut their doors back in 1988. 

Your goal is to explore this facility and uncover the secrets of the corporation before making your escape in order to expose the truth to the world outside the lab doors...


This game operates on a 2D plane, but to give it an extra feeling of depth, and to provide a flowing experience in and out of enemy encounters; I have introduced the "Hide" system. Any darker parts of a room can be used as hiding spots, but will also let the player squeeze through gaps such as this.


You will need to use all resources at your disposal to combat and/or sneak by the horrifying abominations that were birthed in this very facility...

Will you be able to escape in one piece? Or will you be forced to become one of the shambling pulsing monsters that roam the halls of this abandoned building?


All graphics, programming, and 8-bit sound effects are by me.

Some sounds such as footsteps, monster growls and gunshots were found online and are royalty free. These were edited to better fit the atmosphere of Breach.

The background music is by "ThrillShowX"

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paRR1vXGgck


This game was made in under 3 days for the first "Retro Game Jam". I hope you all enjoy this small horror adventure!

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file and extract it. Put the extracted files in a folder of your choice


Breach - RetroJam1.zip 14 MB


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What a cool game dev. It really caught me and made me feel creeped out. Though i did kinda get lost for a few minutes trying to find what to shoot.

Great job.


This game was really well made and enjoyable, I can see why you won!

The game does obviously borrow a fair few short story elements from RE, but not in a bad way, it's still unique enough to get engrossed in.
The fact you made this game in 3 days is very impressive, big congrats on the well earned win.

Here's my gameplay for anyone interested:

Hey man! Thanks so much for making this video, I really enjoyed it and you’ve just earned a subscriber!

Im so glad you enjoyed the game. If you’re interested I’ve decided to expand on this game and make a full release with a more fleshed out story and gameplay loop!

ngl... sh!t my pants... its everywhere.. dear lord... and i recorded this video DAYS AGO

Your reactions  were amazing, I hope you got the stains out XD

I really enjoyed your content and just gave you a subscribe :), there’s more Breach content coming soon if you’re interested! Thanks for playing the game!!

Really well designed xD game consider checking out my game


I really enjoyed this game with the mechanics and story you put together, well done!

So glad you enjoyed it! Watching your playthrough was really fun and also made me notice an error in the story XD 

Also the reception for this game so far has been so motivating, I’m definitely gonna expand on this!!

brillant game

so glad you enjoyed it!


Hey, this is a fantastic game, I do hope you'll make it into a full game with more monster and puzzle ! I truly loved it good work

Hey thanks man! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. I really want to expand it one day!