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True_RetroDEV's entry into Week 122 of the Itch.io WEEKLY GAME JAM.

The theme of this jam was "One Action". Hence, the creation of "Big Guns"

"Big Guns" is a 2D action platformer with heavy inspiration from classics such as Super Meat Boy and Contra (Probotector). The game has a kinetic pace and tough-as-nails platforming sections akin to those of the classics from the early 90s.

To fit the "One Action" theme of the game jam, I inhibited the capabilities of the main character to the point where he could only aim and shoot. The gun he wields is powerful, yet too heavy to allow him to move and platform like in other 2D action games from the era. Hence; he may only propel himself forward using the recoil of his Bolt Rifle.

Use the gun's rapid automatic fire to propel your character through one action-packed level. Shoot, move, and fly with enough finesse to make it through increasingly tightly packed rooms and corridors filled with collectible "Fragments" and "Lazer Traps".

Please leave any critiques and comments on this page and I will try my hardest to respond to all of them as quickly as I can. I hope you enjoy my little game, and hopefully you guys will want to see more!

Install instructions

Download the zip and extract into a folder of your choice


Big Guns [WeeklyGameJam122 Version].zip 20 MB


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With All thanks and appreciation to the creator of the game!!