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Fading World is a small game made in under a week for the Brackeys Game Jam. The theme of this jam was "Rewind".


Fading world is a 3D, Isometric adventure platformer set in a world just after its destruction. The god of this world was unsuccessful in preventing the three "Seals of Damnation" from being awoken. This caused the cube-like landscapes to collapse and fall into the void below...

You play as Lea; a farm boy with access to the Union Blade. This mystical weapon is a sword capable of rewinding and manipulating time around a small area. This allows the unlikely hero to come back to life, as well as repair a small part of the world around him. It is Lea's job to locate the three Seals and destroy them to restore the world to its rightful state


Play as Lea and explore a beautiful, mystical open map with secrets, treasure, and platforming challenges to overcome.


Models and programming were all created by me. Crate textures and all normal maps used were found online and are royalty free.

Some sound effects were made by me, and others were sourced from Freesound.com, with added effects by me.

I hope you all enjoy this small game jam project!

Special thanks to Brackeys and his team for organising this jam!

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file for your version of Windows, then extract the contents of the file into a folder of your choice


FadingWorld - Windows32Version.zip 392 MB
FadingWorld - Windows64Version.zip 419 MB

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